syrien kinder

Nabil, 14 years old
»One and a half years ago, my parents, my two brothers and I fled from Aleppo to escape the Syrian intelligence service.
My father was wanted by the government and he was in great danger, but we escaped just in time, otherwise my father would have been arrested or killed.
My subjects at school here are math, history, chemistry, geography, physics and English.
In my spare time I am learning for school, surf the Internet and play with my brothers or friends.
I'm happy when I play with my friends and when I have the feeling that I am safe with my parents in Turkey.
I am afraid that my father will be arrested if he returns to Syria.
Everything was stolen from our house in Syria, I did only take my laptop with me. I want to be good in school and hope that the war in Syria ends.
In future I would love to work as a doctor like my father.
I did not do anything on my birthday, but it was also the day when school started and I was very happy about this. And my father gave me a cake.
Everyone in the world should at least care a little about Syria, because it is terrible and many people have already died.«

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