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»My mother has lost her work as a result of the economy measures and that's why I also get less support. Fortunately, I have one more granny who supports me.
At the university some courses will be cut in the future due to financial reasons. Instead of investing in education and culture, the politicians in Italy have increased the military budget, for example they spend plenty of money on the purchase of F-35 fighter-bomber and at the same time there are reductions in the area of education.
I still vote, but I don't have any trust in the politicians.
The politicians have lost the dialogue with the people and they take no notice of many problems because if one gets 10000 euro per month in the parliament it is difficult to understand how someone gets by with 600 euro per month.
After my studies I like to go to Berlin and work there as a photographer. Here, it's quite impossible for me to find a job and even in Berlin it's not easy, nevertheless I expect more possibilities for myself over there.«
— Martina, 22 years old, studies history
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