Extracts from Derek Jarman´s text and film BLUE, printed onto a surgical bandage,
is my first work concerning AIDS.
The film BLUE is Derek Jarman´s last artistic work and homage to the painter Yves Klein.
I chose the final words from BLUE and decided to present them on a surgical bandage.
The sentence »Kiss me on the lips on the eyes our name will be forgotten in time no one will remember
our work our life will pass like the traces of a cloud and be scattered like mist that is chased by the rays
of the sun for our time is the passing of a shadow and our lives will run like sparks through the stubble«

was silkscreen printed onto the six meter long bandage.
This bandage does not only connect and protect Derek Jarman´s words; it also creates a connection
between the viewer and Derek Jarman´s artistic work.
At the same time the bandage triggers associations of illness and injury.
The bandage was exhibited in the Literaturhaus Hamburg in 2004.

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