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»At university we didn't get any sort of practice, but without it I haven't got a chance to find a job. So far I only did an apprenticeship in the town hall for six months. If there was a job offered in my area of work only somebody with several years of practice and proficient language skills would get the job. I have been studying German for two years now but if it goes on like this I will emigrate to Bolivia.
If it's the only way out you just have to do it. The crisis teaches people to be more helpful, but you can only help others as long as you are not affected yourself.
Friends of mine, who used to earn good money and bought apartments, are unemployed today and have big difficulties to pay their mortgages. Before, the government was encouraging people to buy property. Well, it was natural for many people to buy on credit and to get credit from your bank. This misuse of credit has spread further and further and finally destroyed everything. I still go and vote but I have lost hope that this would change anything.«
— Juan Carlos, 25 years old, (with his dog Nana), engineer in road– and bridge construction, doing his master in renewable energies, works as a waiter
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