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»I will finish my studies in two years and then very likely get into debt to be able to do my master's degree. I want to do that in the US where I have already been and for me there are more opportunities in the US after my studies than in Europe. Even with a master's degree the only way to make a living in Spain would be working as a waitress.
Doing my master's degree costs 4.500 euro in Madrid, while it would only be 500 euro at the Sorbonne in Paris. For me people haven't changed: the ones who have always helped do that now, too and the others, who have only thought of themselves, have stayed the same. The banks and the big companies are responsible for the current situation as it is them which determine the economic development and therefore the future; the government depends on them. I only believe in my own talents and in my boyfriend.«
— Marta, 21 years old, studies Spanish linguistics, works in a bar
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