syrien kinder

Hadil, 14 years old
»I fled with my parents, my sister and my three brothers from Aleppo one year and two months ago and helped by smugglers we crossed the border.
The war in Syria is terrible and the general public is much more affected than the Syrian government.
I already went to school in Syria. Now I attend the Free Syrian School here. My school subjects are English, Arabic, French, mathematics, history, geography, biology, science, and chemistry.
After school I go home and do my homework, make phone calls or surf the web.
I am talking a lot with my friends about the good times that we had had in Syria and we are wondering why we have to live like this today.
I am happy when I'm thinking of the time before the war and my days in school then and that I again have the chance here to go to school.
I hope the war ends soon, and I'm afraid that the revolution has been all in vain.
At night I have nightmares about the war in Syria. I have not taken anything from home and I just want to go back, nothing else. In the future I would like to work as a lawyer.
On my birthday, there was a small party, but I did not get any presents and I was not really happy.
I hope that the war ends, so I can meet my relatives again and that the Syrian government disappears.«

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