photo jens uwe voigt
»The guitar is positioned as if I would play it. On the left side one can see its beautiful thin neck, where one can easily press down the strings. The necks of many other concert guitars are thicker. The strings are very close to each other, despite of this the instrument has a beautiful loud sound. I have been looking for such a guitar for a long time, a guitar that sounds warm and naturally, but also keeps its sound when one connects it to the amplifier. Folk music guitars often have this sound, but its rare for concert guitars. I especially travelled to Wuppertal to buy this guitar. I tested the sound not in the shop, but in a Cafe, which is sometimes used for concerts — in a beautiful room with a lot of wood paneling and atmosphere. The musician, who sold me the guitar, and his girlfriend both gave me a lot of time to get to know the instrument and even came to my home in Hamburg. It feels beautiful to hold such a valuable and loved instrument with ones own hands. I can't feel the type of wood from which it is made, but I was told that it is decorated with flowers — that's something I like.«
— Jens Uwe Voigt

jens uwe voigt

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