As a photographer and visually aware person I am impressed by
the ability of the blind to orientate themselves and by their perception.
»blind«, a series of photographic works, shows what blind people see.
Initially I took a portrait of each participant.
Subsequently the participants took a photo each of a place familiar to them.
The participants then described what they thought the photo showed.
This project was realized in collaboration with BSVH.

Here you can read the full text of all participants.

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  • cevdet hincal portrait
  • heiko kunert portrait
  • ruth wunsch portrait
  • anna koopmann portrait
  • jan twesten portrait
  • kenya kühl portrait
  • sara nows portrait
  • sascha kollin portrait
  • tjark jessen portrait
  • clarissa kruse portrait
  • clarissa kruse portrait
  • clarissa kruse portrait
  • jens uwe voigt portrait
  • inge portrait
  • silja korn portrait