photo inge
»We are just arriving in the stairwell back home and Spike – my guide dog – carries the keys. The photo shows a balustrade in front of glass bricks. On the right side of the balustrade is a flower. Spikies plays his favourite game in the stairwell; when descending the stairs he needs to take the end of his leash into his mouth, so he can take me, holding the other end, for once also on the leash. When ascending the stairs he insist to carry our key! Spike is a black labrador with a very broad face and a also broad and short snout. His head feels quite round, a bit like a child face. People ask frequently if they can stroke him, however when he wears his harness, he shouldn't be stroked as this distracts him. We – Spike and I – are very good team, he is my big Snoopy–Bear.«
— Inge


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