photo ruth wunsch
»I am standing in my living room in front of my comfortable arm chair and I am taking a photo looking towards the living room table, where I keep a lot of personal memorabilia. Close to me on the table are a crystal heart with a red heart shaped lamp and a white marble heart. Further left lies a miniature boomerang from Australia, behind the boomerang is a crystal glass candle holder with white candles, additionally decorated with a blue reed of flowers. Further to the right is a painted box for sweets and even further to the right stands a metal holder with an inserted sphere, suspended on a ribbon. In front of the holder stands a piece of art from Franz Poppe from Mürnitz, that shows a volcano with a red ball in the centre representing the lava. In front of it is a small container with my name stamp - a present from China. On top of the stamp container is another polished box with tiny souvenirs. Further back stands a colourful tray with metal things, which holds a crystal glass basket with decorative pumpkins and a large crystal glass sweet jar, a standing Easter bunny with a sitting Easter bunny wife. Both Easter bunnies are presents, bought on a craft market and given to me by a girlfriend, no longer alive. Behind the living room table is the sofa, covered with sea green leather, and three cushions. Towards the left and right lie two dolls, the one babydoll from my childhood called ›Pummelchen‹ and the other doll, dressed in a peasant outfit, towards the left. It was given to me by a girlfriend. Above the sofa hangs an original Persian painting, painted in subtle summery colours and showing young people, as I was told once. Two Panama hats, made from linen or bast, lie on the left armrest of the sofa.«
— Ruth Wunsch

ruth wunsch

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