photo anna koopmann
» I am standing on top of the grass covered dyke close to the pier of the Oldenburger Rowing Club. I then go down to the pier. The pier is made of metal with wooden planks at intervals to stop you slipping into the water. The pier leads to another wooden pier from where one can directly enter the boats. The pier is approximately 10m long. I can hear and smell the water, the water is calm as it is not very windy today. On the opposite side of the river is also a grass covered dyke, which must be covered by trees too, as I can hear the sound of leaves moving. The light sunlight, which I can sense on my skin, must also fall through the leaves and onto the water. I can hear birds and also the sound of a cuckoo, which might also appear in the photo. I like to spend time at the pier, as the water calms me down and at the same time provides a certain sense of liveliness. I am excited when entering the boat and when we start rowing together, which I enjoy very much. I experience a sense of the security provided by the well thought through construction of the pier. The atmosphere here is beautiful.«
— Anna Koopmann
Anna Koopmann hadn´t seen the place where she took the photo since she was thirty years old.

anna koopmann

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