iran children

Nassim, 9 years old
»I still have one brother, he is eleven and a half years old. We are from Ilam, but I like Tehran more because in Ilam everything is so dusty.
Here, I have two good friends, we are talking about everything and tell us jokes.
My dolls make me happy and a nice story, so if someone gives me a nice book. My favorite story is the fable The Lion and the Rabbit.
I'm afraid of darkness and ghosts. I mostly dream bad things and when I get scared in a dream, then I wake up.
My parents are what's most important to me and my greatest wish is that I have a long life and not die young.
I would like to become a teacher, because I get on well with children. If a child is crying, then I go to the child and ask it why it is crying. And if the child says for example someone has beaten me, then I ask why someone has beaten it. The child then say, because someone took my doll and I wonder why someone has taken its doll. And the child says, because it was pushed.
So, I always look for the cause and I take care of the children.
On my last birthday there was a celebration. My mother gave me a ring and I got a cake.«