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»I am going out less and I am travelling less, and it seems that it will be more difficult to make my dreams come true. What troubles me most and makes me sad is the plight of the people who have no dreams and aspirations, have lost their imagination and are living in fear; and that some are making a profit at the expense of others who are barely surviving.
They are destroying a whole generation out of self-interest. After university I want to go abroad and live in various countries. That is not easy financially, but I will give it a try. I won't be doing this because of the Crisis, I already wanted to do that before it started. I am feeling optimistic: I believe that the Crisis can help us to find a different way of life which will show more humanity, solidarity and ecological awareness. And if we fight together we can manage that.
The greatest danger as I see it – and I hope this will not happen – is that society becomes more conservative and even fascist.«
— Katerina, 20 years old, studying physics
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