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»I live with my parents to save money for travelling. Despite of I noticing lot of changes after the crash, I wasn't so much affected personally. There was a huge discussion after the crash how things should continue and you saw friends who had lost a lot of money or their loans increased sharply.
But we had such a prosperous life before the crash, that although it got worse, it wasn't really bad – at least in my eyes. For example, before the financial crash all students got free bus tickets, which was a great luxury, and now an annual pass costs about 200 euros for students.
There were many people in Iceland before the crash, who simply lost themselves in materialism, but at the same time there were also warning voices, for example my mother always wondered about the huge loans which young people so easily received from banks. Or many business people had private planes and all that happened here in such a short time.
This was just irrational. After the crash it was eye opening to see, that our whole prosperity had only been material and that people were brought back down to earth and started to become aware of how they consumed things.
I think that in Iceland the crash repeated itself, as people always have the desire for wealth and forget, what happened here. I trust in a few politicians, but not in the current government, which stands for neo–liberalism and free markets, which caused our crisis the big bubble in the first place. After the crash I traveled a lot, gained experience and realized, what I have here in Iceland.«
— Ragnheiður Freyja, 21 years old, studies sociology and works with disabled children
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