birna portrait
»After the crash my mum and dad could no longer pay for their house and lost it and so there was a lot of stress in our family.
In 2007 I wasn't shocked, when I saw people having these huge cars and amazing apartements, but now I know what I need and I don't need luxury.
After the crash the people became more helpful but not the government. We haven't much changed our government and so the things can happen again.
I have gone abroad after the crisis to Denmark and Norway and over there I really got to see what Iceland is because when you left the country the banks didn't want my Icelandic money. They just said this is paper and we don't want it.
It is most important for Iceland, that people are put into proper jobs and not just given a title. And this is where things are going wrong here at the moment, because people just try to get a title, instead of trying to change something.«
— Birna, 22 years old, works as an artist
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