hrefna portrait
»After the crash my family had to move to a smaller house and I don't really want to deal with my family's financial situation because this leaves me agitated.
I think people are less selfish now and instead of thinking about things they think more about each other and why all this happened. There was a lot of anger among people and they were protesting. This was so eye–opening for the people as they realized that they can achieve something.
Greed is for me the most important reason for the crash in Iceland and because people forget so quickly, the things can happen again.
I have trust in our mayor Jón Gnarr, because I speaks a language that we understand compared to other politicians who just talk in circles. I have already moved abroad five month ago for my studies and I can't imagine to come back and be an artist in Iceland, because there are so many cut–backs here and everything is so expensive.«
— Hrefna, 21 years old, studies fine-art in Berlin/Germany
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