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»The biggest thing what happend to me was, that my family planned to built a house in downtown Reykjavík. Initially the building cost was 30 million króna which went up to 100 million króna during the crisis and so we couldn't do anything and had to give up this idea.
Now we basically have to fight to keep our house from the bank. And my brother had a clothing store and he had to go bankrupt and moved to France, so I haven't seen him much since then.
I would like to say, that here is change in mentality among Icelanders, but sadly it didn't seem to last for very long. As soon as people are promised that their debts would be written off, they immediately vote for the people who caused the crisis in the first place. So I think everyone is just looking out for themselves and no one is really trying to make a change for the future.
I hope that my generation has some influence, when it comes to power. There are a lot of intelligent poeple in politics, who try to change things. However the thing which is always so frustrating for me is this sort of tribal mentality, which means that you support the same party as your parents and that young people don't think a lot for themselves.
I plan to study classical singing abroad in Utrecht in the Netherlands, but I always want to live in Iceland, because this is a lovely place to live.«
— Ólafur, 23 years old, studies classical singing
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