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»Last spring I finished my BA in literature and now I'm working in a bookstore and in addition I'm writing a novel and a play.
Yes, I was personally affected by the crisis: I just finished college, when it all started here and I was planning to study in Scotland but I did no longer have the money because of the financial crash. So I had to stay and I started to work in a convenience store.
After the crash, most people became more helpful and careful because one is affected personally, if ones finances become more limited. It's something that triggers a feeling of shame. But then I also know a lot of people that were affected so much that they just closed down personally and it became hard for them to be helpful.
I don't have confidence in politicians but in human beings in general.
I think it was a good moment for Iceland's history when mayor Jón Gnarr was elected, because we needed a pick–me–up and he certainly did this and people started to take things less seriously.
I love my country and all of my friends and my family live here, but my job opportunities here are limited, hence I would like to study abroad.«
— Alexandra, 24 years old, works in a bookshop
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