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»I am studying here at the most modern university in Rome and fortunately I am not hit by the crisis in my studies, but my friends who study at the La Sapienza university in Rome feel the effects of the crisis. There, the rooms are in a bad condition.
The reason for the crisis in Italy is our mentality, this means that we think we are always the best ones and can not learn anything from the others. For example, we compare ourselves with Germany and basically the Italians want to be like the Germans however without giving up their culture and mentality.
We should have to concentrate more on the present and the future instead of looking at the past. Also other countries had an important history but now it must go on.
I hope that my generation will change something, because we travel a lot, meet other young people with an open mentality and see what happens in Europe.
Indeed, I don't have any confidence in the politicians in respect of changes and it is also a problem that many young Italians emigrate. I would like to make my bachelor in Rome and then my master in Germany. I really would like to stay and work in Italy, but I am afraid that here is no work for me in the future.«
— Costanza, 22 years old, studies architecture
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