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»I am concerned by the economic situation but not in such a dimension like other people. Fortunately, I don't have to work yet and I have two brothers and sisters who are also studying and my older sister has just found work.
However, we all feel a strong economic stress in our life. Because in Rome the rents are so high and even have increased during the last years one can only live out of the town.
The tuition fees were raised and I guess that for example in Germany the studies at the university are more favourably and better organised so the studies don't take so long. In my eyes the crisis exceeds Italy and the financial sector bears the major responsibility. You can't pay always with your credit card if you don't have the money, this is scandalous and ineffective.
At the age of 27 years, you are forced to believe in Italy that the situation will improve again.
I really would like to stay here because it's the dream of every lawyer to work in Italy. In respect to my studies I am feeling on a good level but I am missing the practise which you don't get at the university.«
— Monica, 27 years old, studies jurisprudence
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