maria laura
»In the private sector the results of the crisis are more obvious than in the public area, therefore I have changed my studies so I can switch from the private sector to the civil services.
It is important to me to feel safe and this is what the civil service offers me. I don't have this security with private companies.
In my family we have to economise and fortunately we have done this already for many years, because the salaries are very low and the costs of the expenses rise on and on.
I would prefere to have a job than living off my parents but without any certification it is really tough to find a good job. The beginning of the crisis in Italy results from the eighties and now it has expanded into a global crisis. Many unnecessary products are produced and I don't know, if the politicians improve the situation again.
I want to stay in Italy because I love this country and I have confidence in the Italians.«
— Maria-Laura, 21 years old, studies education science
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