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»I am feeling the crisis absolutely because my mother has to pay more and more taxes. Due to the economy measures, the first aid courses at the university were canceled and this means that you are not able to help somebody in an emergency aid.
This general ignorance depresses me, people still die here of an appendicitis similar to a developing country.
In the hospitals there are also financial restrictions, for example sometimes patients have to bring their own medicaments.
Thank god, I do not have to work, mummy supports me and I am very happy about this.
The main reasons for this situation are corruption and ignorance. For example the politicians are involved in corruption and there are rarely people, who have a leading position and than there is the problem, that people are not competent. I don't think that these politicians will improve anything. Absolutely no.
I don't have any confidence in the Grellini people as well.
I hope, that I can go abroad but if there are problems in my family I will stay here. Everybody wants to emigrate.
I hope that I will find a work.«
— Adele, 24 years old, studies medicine
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