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»At the moment I attend a scientific high school and in future I would like to work as an engineer.
I live with my younger sister and my father, who works as an engineer.
He is not really affected by the crisis thanks to his long-standing work experience.
Nevertheless, the situation depresses me heavily. I don't see any possibility here to achieve my professional aim and therefore I want to - no I have to - go to Germany. The crisis has destroyed many hopes in my generation and and - as a consequence - egoism also has been increasing; I observe this for example with my younger sister.
I think, that greed and arrogance in the older generation during many, many years are responsible for the present situation. And now, the young people have a lot of trouble.
My father would like to leave Italy together with us, he plans to emigrate to Frankfurt in Germany.«
— Daniele, 16 years old, high school student
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