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»I live with mum and dad and this helps me a lot. My father works as a surveying technician and due to the crisis there is less work for him. I've cut down my expenses, for example I only rarely go on vacation.
Due to financial reasons, companies and enterprises in Italy now hire people with lower qualification instead of somebody with a proper degree to cut down salary expenses. We study here to have a better future and at the same time we are uncertain if there will be a future. My father has advised me to go to Finland, but I am feeling unsure about this.
I have neither any confidance in the politicians nor in anybody other and I don't think, that the situation will become better. The politicians pass one reform after the other while promising that things will get better for many years, but in fact nothing happens. I live my own life with my family or with friends.«
— Sara, 27 years old, studies architecture
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