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»The private enterprises as well as the national enterprises have less orders and produce less and this has an effect on the entire job market.
A faculty like that where I am studying requires good labs, a sensible organisation and materials, but a lot of the instruments have become outdated or are broken. There is hardly money for investments in the educational area. However we are looking forward, because our instructors are quite good.
The reason for the crisis is that everybody just thinks of himself. Many companies invest nothing more, for example Fiat has developed for many years no more new cars and only survives with the help of national funds.
Anyway, I hope it becomes better again. Berlusconi has ruled so long and he has achieved nothing but he has shown only disinterest to the progress of the country.
In Italy there are competent persons but they don't reach the majority and they are no big leaders. I want to specialise in Italy or abroad and I really would like to make a doctorial thesis in the USA.«
— Filippo, 21 years old, studies physics and astrophysics
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