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»I live with my unemployed brother at my parents. My mother has lost her job due to the crisis and can't find a new job because of her age. My father worked at the post office, he is now retired, and his pension has been reduced.
The financial dependence on my father's pension stresses family life. I'm annoyed when I watch TV and see the social distinctions between rich and poor people. The announcements of politicians are becoming stronger, since the economic situation is turning more difficult and they claim that they are in a difficult situation too, but personally they aren't.
We are only controlled by the EU Troika, but the Troika is only a puppet of the central bank and the Federal Reserve and they benefit from the situation.
There should be more capital investments in education and training and people should be informed better on the context of the crisis. The people should have the will to change something. Instead of allowing huge corporate mergers, one should encourage people to buy from local shops and merchants. If people want to change the situation, they should go to vote. However, most politicians are demagogues and they try to achieve their goals in this way, too.
My future is dark and I don't have any plans. I would like to work and not to depend on my parents for my entire life. I would like to see life all over the world but because I'm insecure, it's difficult for me, to work in another country.«
— Felipe, 19 years old, studies sociology
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