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»Specifically the younger generation has been hit by this difficult situation as their whole future lives will be affected by the crisis. The educational system has deteriorated, many teachers are less motivated due to the many reforms and lessons often do not take place because the teachers take part in demonstrations.
I think a lot about the future and I would like to do a course at university in international affairs. However, studying at a Spanish university has become more expensive and there are hardly any vacancies in this field of work here in Spain. Thus I will try and go to Germany.
People are so worried about the future that they only think of themselves. On the other hand, there are now lots of demonstrations asking the government to create jobs and a system with equal opportunities for everybody. Meanwhile, the politicians just ignore what the people are demanding; instead they meet Angela Merkel's commands.
This is why the government is to blame for the crisis, as well as the real estate bubble. My biggest wish is to get a suitable job in Spain after university.«
— Sara, 17 years old, high school student
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