jorge luis portrait
»My parents come from South America and I grew up in Cologne. In between I had already been to Spain. Doing my apprenticeship with Siemens I have perceived the effects of the crisis within the company. Jobs were cut and fewer positions for apprentices were offered. Also, competition within the company has increased. Personally, I don't think that people have become more egoistical because of this crisis but the Spanish are a very proud people and it is hard for them to accept help.
On the one hand, the real estate bubble has caused the crisis. On the other hand, the attitude towards work might be a reason, too. In Germany, my work is much more structured and better organized than here in Spain, where many things are taken less seriously.
Once I have finished my education I would like to stay here in Spain because I like the people and their lifestyle.«
— Jorge Luis, 20 years old, does a course to become an industrial clerk at the ASET ›German technical college for foreigners‹
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