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»I tried in vain to get a place for graphic design at university. Meanwhile, material costs for the course have increased and much of the equipment has to be brought along, too and the buildings are in a desolate condition. A private university would be too expensive for me and is therefore out of question. I try to take up any job I can get but even that has become difficult because many even work for free nowadays, in the hope of being offered a steady job later on. Formerly, you got a permanent position after two weeks of work. Today, you have to prove your ability for at least half a year for a regular contract.
I would like to go abroad like many others but my mother is jobless and we are on our own at home. I have taken up English now, but I wouldn't want to leave my mother on her own here.
For me, politicians are thieves, who just rake in the money. They bring ruin on our country and it is terrible that I already worry that much at my age. I have lost all trust in our politicians.
Even if there are some people who are helpful there are others who exploit their helpfulness, e.g. when they sell clothes on the flea-market which had been given to charity organizations.«
— Victoria, 21 years old, works at a video game shop as she didn't get a university place
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