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»Aside from my studies I play the bass to earn some money. The most cash is made when I play in the street. After my studies I will go to Brussels because the city is smaller and there are lots of good musicians living there. I am going to get a further musical education there if I can, but what I like most is playing bass and I would like to be able to live of that. My parents support me to go to university because all governmental benefits have been cut. The possibilities for working as a musician in Madrid are very limited, because the organizers of gigs rarely engage anybody nowadays for fear of financial losses.
My uncle used to be an engineer in construction and has been jobless for four years and hasn't got a chance to find another job in his field of work. As he doesn't get any more unemployment benefit he tries to survive on any kind of odd jobs: at the moment he repairs skateboards. For fear of losing their money people here have become more egoistical although there are poorer countries where people are more generous.
Everything started with the financial boom; suddenly the Spanish had lots of money and good jobs und now many have lost everything again. I trust in the whole universe and in the human existence, meaning in everything there is and in what I give back, no matter where I am. The crisis has developed for different reasons, but the main one is the egotism in this society. This egoism has grown out of fear and greed, however there are other societies which are more human and where there is more sharing and less competition. Here, capitalism and industrialisation, symbolising the accumulation of property, have increased this greed.
The gap between rich and poor has meanwhile become so wide that we cannot go on like that; also ecologically our way of life will make the earth uninhabitable. The people in the big cities sometimes lose touch with nature and don't perceive the omnipresent exploitation of resources.«
— Paula, 23 years old, studies musicology
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