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»I have worked in a supermarket for nine months and after I had been on sick leave for a week due to a death in the family I was sacked. I was really angry about that because I hadn't accepted another work offer because of this job.
My friend and I want to go into business for ourselves with an event agency because doing commissional work alone is too unreliable and badly paid. I am not planning to go abroad as Spain has basically a great potential for further development. One should improve the services for tourists and try out new, more original ways of tourism. It is a great pity when now many young people go abroad – because deep in our hearts we are courageous and good people.
With 22 years I got a mortgage of 150.000 euro for a property in Toledo, which is now worth only 30.000 euro. My parents had stood bail for me then, and if I cannot service the mortgage then my parents will lose their apartment. At the moment I live in Madrid not being able to afford the petrol for commuting between Toledo and Madrid.
The politicians don't do anything about the situation; they should be replaced by new people with good ideas making conscious decisions. Many new, small companies have come into being. But their owners often have to work illegally because there is no support for them on the government side; on the contrary, it is made difficult for them by demanding expensive licence-payments of them.«
— Sandra, 28 years old, unemployed, studied marketing, now assists craft workers in merchandising their products
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