photo jens uwe voigt
»The ashtray holds pure brown pleasure. I very much like the ashtray because of its curving form, which is so pleasing to hold. I did not know how it looked before I bought it, hence it was a surprise to feel it with my own hands, once it arrived in the post. The cigar tastes delicious, I like its scaly form and how it feels. The lighter feels heavy when I hold it. I bought the lighter because of its golden color (which I read about in the product description in the internet). When I was still able to see I liked the color gold. Shiny pipes and a subtle deep gold tone are something beautiful to imagine. There is no pleasure without first cutting the cigar and I am surprised how sharp the blade is. I like the smell and taste of the cigar and how both increase and can still be experienced hours after smoking the cigar. A pity that the wind blows away the entire smell, I have to stay content with the taste in my mouth: very creamy, very aromatic — a mixture of coffee, nut and chocolate from Cuba. I have known this brand of cigar for years, it however takes years until one savours its full taste. But it was certainly worth the wait!«
— Jens Uwe Voigt

jens uwe voigt

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