inge voigt
»I and my guide dog Spike are in the forest in Sasel, Hainesch-Iland. The photo shows Spike and the fence in the foreground, the background shows the old oak tree, fallen into the water of the upper level mill-pond. The oak tree has been lying there for the last four to five years and its top is by now probably covered with moss. Ducks are meeting up at the oak tree, and other walkers told me, that they also have sometimes seen a turtle sunbathing there. I love this place, as I can hear the distant waterfall, that connects the upper and lower level mill-ponds. I do not normally let my dog run around on days like today, a Sunday with beautiful weather (›Nature Reserve!‹), because other walkers comment, that the dog should be on the leash. However I make sure that Spike can compensate his guide duties through running around freely at a different time.«
— Inge


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