silja korn voigt
»I met my husband 24 years ago on the platform of the underground station Mehringdamm, which was more sombre then, as it was only lit by a few lamps and the benches were made from wood. On that day it was 24.30 when I was on the station and it was very quiet. It was the opposite to now. Now there are many people around me and I can also hear the tiring noise from the building works above. I am also smelling that someone just smoked. We stood about one or two meters apart when I met my future husband here. I had the feeling that he focused his sight on me and he then approached me, asking if I were blind. I answered ›yes‹. He asked if I had tried dropping Schwedenkräuter into my eyes and I said ›no‹. The train arrived then and he asked, if we could see each other again and he gave me his phone number. Three weeks later we telephoned each other for the first time and two month later we were a couple. In the past the station felt more spacious, now they are building an internal partition wall and the station appears more cramped narrower, like a narrow room.«
— Silja Korn

silja korn

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