photo ruth wunsch
»Here we are on the Öjendorf-Süd cemetery. It smells of autumn. The area where my husband has been buried is called Quartier, an area where there are no regulations how the graves have to look. I did decide to have a cross made. The cross is made out of indian black granite with a glimmer of green. It is inscribed with my husbands name, without dates, and a phrase taken from the old testament: ›I have called you with your name and you are mine‹.
In front of the cross stands a willow basket with ivy and, depending on the season, flowers. The basket sits on two bricks to prevent it rotting. Close the grave there is a large oak tree and the spot is surrounded by a rhododendron hedge. Also close to the grave  there is a bench where I like to sit. The birds are very active during the summer and squirrels run around too. These sounds are something I like as there is no solemn deadly silence and I can also hear the sounds of the city.«
— Ruth Wunsch

ruth wunsch

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