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»Because my friends have very big problems finding a job, I still do a doctorate in history of law. I will finish the doctorate this year and then I would like to work at the university. But due to the economy measures and reductions it will be a great problem to find a job in this area.
Because my friends and my family live here, I don't want to go away.
Now, many young Italians go abroad with the Erasmus programme and they feel there a bit like on holiday but then I hear from friends, who have gone abroad, that they miss basic things like the weather, the food or the family. They realize that it isn't so easy-going as expected.
On the one hand the politicians in Italy during the last 20 years are responsible for the present state but the basic reasons go much deeper: We apply a wrong economic system just as a development model. We have adopted many things from other countries for example the USA and then we have imitated these things in a poor way that means with more corruption and less respect for public things.
I am learning the German language, because this could be useful in the future.
Nevertheless, it makes me very sad that all participants in my German course will leave this country.«
— Federica, 28 years old, lawyer, works on her doctorate
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