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»The books for the university have become more expensive and the rent has increased. I am living with three other persons in a flat share. I also know parents of friends who have lost their work.
At the university there is no money for books, labs and materials and this is absurd, because my faculty at the La sapienza university is one of the best and some of the courses were rated on top position in international rankings. The professors are very good, but we hardly get practical experience.
This is a chaos and I wish that the situation will improve in the future and that the politics reacts more sensible. Today, I already know that after my studies it is impossible to find work in Italy. But abroad, I would find a work and I would be able to support a family.
I definitely want to go abroad and I prefer countries where you speak English. I would like to make a master in genetics.«
— Giuseppe, 20 years old, studies biology
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