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»Since four years I have worked for the tourism department, but one month ago I have lost my job as a result of the economy measures.
I will leave Italy with my husband and our three-year-old child. My husband has found work in Frankfurt and I got a job in Brussels and on the week-end we are altogether in Frankfurt.
All this will not be easy but we will manage it.
In my opinion the reasons for the current situation in Italy are dated in the past, nobody tried to change anything. Here is a very strong connection between corruption and personal interests in the political system. In this context some people refer to Berlusconi but Berlusconi is only the effect of an ancient problem which has never been solved so far.
Nothing changes and nobody wants to change anything. I have lived more than ten years abroad and four years ago we have come back to Italy as a family with the intention of making a difference here, but it has not worked.
We love our country and had huge hopes for the last elections, but since then nothing has really changed.
My relation to Italy is like a love affair: You love somebody, but he does not love you and he doesn't care about you. I don't mean this in a patriotic sense, we just love the Mediterranean culture, but you have no chance of changing anything here.«
— Carlotta, 36 years old, jobless, worked for the tourism department
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