roberth el cartonista
Roberth, architect and founder of El cartonista

»I was born in Ecuador and grew up in Venezuela. I studied architecture in Venezuela and in Spain and 2010 I lost my job as an employed architect.
Then I thought about making furniture from waste (cardboard) to sell these products to the people. I'm still working at home so far, since an additional office space is too expensive.
In the evening I collect the cardboard on the road, which has been thrown away by shops. I'm thinking for a long time how to design the furniture and how it works in certain places. As an architect I worked a lot with cardboard in the past too and therefore I have a connection with it. Then I have always seen the cardboard, which was thrown away.
People like my work, but they think that it's very expensive because it is an unique design and everything is handmade. The hardest part for me is, that people have a bad view about the material that I use, because in their eyes it is waste. But my material originated from wood, only that it is lighter than wood. I hope I get more orders and become well-known in the future and that peoples awareness of the value of waste grows simply because we produce so much waste.
In order to really end the crisis here, we have to change our mindset. The mentality regarding environmental things here has changed a bit; up to now there are not so many but slowly there will be more.
In future people will change their idea of luxury, because everything becomes cheaper and there is also a decrease in regard to the production costs. Luxury in future will be no longer, what I can afford or pay for, but what is actually made exactly for me.
And this is exactly, what I offer with my work.«
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