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»Due to the economic situation, I have started my own business three months ago and believe that this has been a good decision.
Of course I became even more financially prudent and I stopped watching the news long ago, because one can see only negative things and life is complicated enough. My financial prudency leads to more selfishness.
The starting point for the crisis in Portugal was among other things a real estate crisis, so politicians, bankers and people in the real estate industry are responsible for the current situation.
Perhaps, we need a revolution here, people would have to become more active and fight more for their rights. And the government should invest more in the creation of jobs, because this would be a basis for a better economy.
I want to expand with my company, but I can't develop a long–term strategy yet. I would like to do something different, however only very few people can realise their plum job.«
— Pedro, 27 years old, self–employed in the food sector
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