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»So far, I'm personally not much affected by the crisis, but I check food prices more and prefer no name products. I have become more confident.
I've been in many European countries, for example Denmark, there you pay high taxes too, but in return there is a good health care system and moms get diapers without charge. In order for us to reach the standard comparable to Denmark, there must be a lot of changes here.
At first, the government is responsibe, but the reasons for the crisis should be found in the past. I've faith in the government, but there has to be a big change in order to see real improvements here. The public needs to become active.
I don't have concrete plans for the future and of course I want to find a job after my studies like everybody. But it will be tough because I finish my studies in two to three years, and maybe there still won't be any improvements then.
I might possibly go abroad, because my parents are working outside of Portugal too. I would certainly prefer to stay here.«
— Catarina, 20 years, studies pharmacy
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