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»Now, I try to be even more careful with my money and when shopping I spend less (especially for clothes). Although I am an only child, I was raised by my parents to be prudent, something they always emphasized.
It bothers me a lot that I don't have a well-paying job and that I had to ask my father for financial support with a costly dental treatment. And I am feeling sad because my degree doesn't get me the job that I've always wanted.
Since the start of the crisis, I can feel how people are exploited in my workplace. The employers don't show any respect or support for you, they only see the work and not the employees.
The young and even more educated generation leaves the country, but I don't want to go away. Most of all I am saddened because I can't see any prospect for the future here and that there it's no possibility to make any plans.
Everything is uncertain, even for example to become a mother and I don't want to have a baby at the age of forty.
The main reason for the situation is the neo–liberal economic system, and we can see that our leaders base their decisions only the requirements of the European Union. People always choose the same politicians or they simply don't vote any longer, my generation there is rarely interested in politics.
The current economic system promotes only the material consumption, but quality of life is one side and the other is pure materialism. I have never been very materialistic. Sure, competent politicians could initiate change, but only if there were better cooperation between various policy–makers — at least at the national level.
We should appreciate our own products and resources more, but the politicians demand that we continuously have to adapt to the requirements by the European Union, for example in the fishing. Portugal has very fertile soils and a good climate, we however import a lot of our food.
I would like to work as a teacher or in a museum or start my own business, but I'm afraid that this will not be possible.«
— Diana, 24 years old, master's degree in art history, has a temporary job at a hostel since may 2013
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