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»Personally, I'm not much affected, but I see people who have no money for food in my area. I come from a small region and there some people are living in real poverty.
When human beings are sad, you become sad too and get the feeling that the whole country has plunged into a depression. Even if not everyone is affected financially, all of us notice the economic situation. I was always helpful and have not changed and also my parents are trying to help others for example at Christmas.
Blame all those who have spent more money than they actually had. We always accuse the politicians and if they hadn't embezzled so much money, it would be certainly better now.
The consequence is: We have austerity. The measures will not end quickly, but maybe it is the best way at the moment, otherwise nothing will ever change here.
I try to stay here. If it isn't possible, I'm going abroad, because I don't want to depend on my parents. I would like to go to the United States, there wages are better and work is appreciated more.«
— Liliana, 21 years old, studies pharmacy
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