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»The small luxuries (e.g. clothes, restaurant) have become less. I'm staying at home to save money. Since I no longer live with my parents, but with two students in the centre of Oporto, I keep a close eye on my money and feel how my responsibility has increased.
Personally, I don't have changed and I try to live as far as possible like in the past and to meet my friends. I'm trying to enjoy more and more things without charge. When I watch TV, I'm worried about young people, who are looking for work, have no experience and are often exploited. There is a reluctance to employ highly skilled people, because they need to be paid more. The situation could be far better, if the younger ones had more experience.
There should be more investments in the education, more scholarships should be offered, but because education and training are becoming increasingly expensive, only a small elite benefits at the end. My grandparents support me financially and they have always attached importance to my future and I'm trying to save some money for emergencies. Other young people haven't been educated by their parents in this way, they have rather spent their money.
The crisis is dated in the past, but one realize now that social distinctions are constantly growing. In this country, the politicians are driven around by chauffeurs and in the Netherlands for example, the politicians use public transport. Our politicians are acting like little kings.
I don't trust the politicians but I'm going to the election and everybody should vote, because it is a right and an obligation. A politician can have a good idea, but if he is really a big leader and is sitting on his throne, he becomes corrupt.
I would like to do the Erasmus program and the northern countries are my goal. I respect the mentality of the northern countries and I like it, for example there the professors and politicians ride with the bike.
And the people there are not so selfish and have greater respect among themselves. Here, at first the people think only of themselves.
But I just would go abroad in the future, if I need to go, because if everybody goes away, the situation in Portugal will even get worse. If I don't find any work in my area then I will look around for other jobs, and if there is no way at all, then I would also go away.«
— Eva, 19 years old, studies art history
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