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»It makes me sad that young people have to go abroad, so they can do what they really want to do. I love Portugal and basically I don't want to go away. I haven't become more selfish as a result of the crisis, however I now keep an eye on my spendings.
I would like to help more, I would like to take every dog home, but for financial reasons I can't do that. These financial restrictions put a limit on many opportunities.
When I listen to the news, I have the feeling that we are only moving around in circles. Everybody always says the same, namely that everything will get better, but actually it is not getting better. Instead of progress, there is only standstill.
Corrupt politicians are firstly to blame for the present situation, but many people in Portugal and southern Europe as a whole are responsible too. I don't trust the politicians, and I don't think that they can change the situation. The politicians are so greedy for power and that makes them so susceptible to corruption. The power that comes with their positions is so seductive that hardly anyone can resist it.
If I find a permanent job and manage to lead my life here, I would like to stay. However, if that isn't possible I'll emigrate to Australia, because I have Australian citizenship too. This would be an alternative for me.«
— Adriana, 21 years old, studies languages and literature
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