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»Personally I'm not much affected by the crisis yet, but it influences politics and the economy in Portugal. One has reached some stability in economic life.
Plenty of people are responsible: the politicians, because they have made wrong decisions and the consumers, because they simply buy the cheapest, imported products, instead of products from Portugal. Too much unnecessary construction work took place. The politicians don't spend public finances in useful ways, neither in the past nor today.
Since the people themselves feel the consequences of the crisis, they have become more alert instead of leave everything to the politicians like in the past.
I plan to leave Portugal, because there are no opportunities in my profession here. Even well experienced architects hardly find any jobs as a result of the austerity measures.
We must look for other opportunities abroad and this has been my idea for quite some time. I want to go on the Cape Verde Islands or to an African country, because there is development and economic growth at the moment. Here it's rather stagnant.«
— Pedro, 21 years old, studies architecture
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