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»We notice the crisis in my family, because my father used to work in a textile company, many of which have by now been closed or have moved their business abroad. My father is 50 years old and now his salary is missing from our budget. My brother is studying as well, therefore all of us have to restrict ourselves financially.
In my studies, I only feel small changes, my parents have always supported me. I think the people speak too much about the crisis, they should be more active and look for new ways. There are also many entrepreneurs who are starting their business at the moment.
The cause of the crisis has been a mismanagement of public finances. When we joined the European Union, a lot of money poured into the country and it was badly used. I don't trust the politicians, because they give false promises. The people are very passive, there are a lot of debates, but nothing happens. I believe that it will take a long time to change the mentality and the way the people think.
My wish is to stay here and to look for opportunities and possibilities in my profession after finishing my studies.«
— Sandra Rodriguez, 19 years old, studies biology
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