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»When looking for work, I notice the economic situation. Hence I am thinking about what kind of work I have to do after completing my studies, so that I can live reasonably.
I'm feeling a bit disappointed because previously the people have had a better life. Now, there are limitations and I don't know if I should stay here. I think, that many people have lost hope, that things will improve again, which was predictable too. One used to spend more money than one really had and some day it had to implode.
People had taken out loans and it was obvious that it will be difficult to pay them off. And the government has wasted a lot of money too, for example in the construction of soccer stadiums and at the same time important investments in research and science have been omitted.
One should develop Portugal's natural resources more, like water and sun, as other countries with even less optimal conditions do this. One should invest more long term and with more foresight and there should be an improved control of public finances.
I don't have any strong confidence in the politicians; the Portuguese, who were used to let things slide, have now realised, that something has to happen. We need younger politicians with a different mentality and better qualifications.
I see my future in other countries, such as France or Canada. My mother is French, that's why I speak good French and also English.«
— Helena, 20 years, studies natural sciences
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