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»The crisis has changed plenty of things here and made them more complex. Prices have risen and we have to save more. In my eyes the present Government and the EU Troika, which should have nothing to say, are responsible.
The politicians are all exchangeable, they just give promises, but they do nothing. I would like to find a job and I am thinking about emigration too. I would prefer to stay here, because in my opinion it's not so easy to leave this country, but if there are no opportunities, I will have to accept it.
I have often applied for jobs here, always unsuccessfully. My father lost his job and only my mother still works as a tailor. My father only receives a small social benefit.
I get support from the vocational school for lunch and public transport, but I take some food from home with me, so I don't spend so much on the road. Even if I keep a close eye on my money, it will only just last to the middle of the month.«
— Cátia, 18 years old, attends a commercial vocational school
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