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»Much has changed for me. I've lost the power to fight and you must always fight and sacrifice yourself to achieve something. For the last two or three years I am feeling this and it will get even worse.
I am frustrated, feel restless and become stingy. I can no longer afford the things I would like to have, as I must save money for the future.
The news on TV turns me indifferent and destroy my empathy.
I don't know who exactly is responsible for the crisis, though in the end we are all jointly responsible. Many people in the middle and upper social class earn a lot of money without any effort and spend it on useless things. For example, football players are getting insane salaries only because they move a ball, this is incomprehensible to me. I don't trust the politicians and am very uncertain, how things will continue.
I previously worked as a locksmith, but I was made redundant as a result of the crisis. I'm looking for a job now, but there is nothing. I would love to have a good income to live reasonably.«
— Claudio, 21 years old, attends a vocational school for hotel business
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